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Garage Clearance

We can clear all types of waste & rubbish from any garage. Our staff will clear unwanted items from your garage so you don’t have to.

Eco-Friendly House Clearance

Fully Licensed

Our garage clearance service is registered and fully licensed by the Environment Agency. We hold a current Upper Tier Waste Carriers License.


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    Garage Clearance Bedford

    Garage clearance involves the clearing out and disposing of any unwanted items or waste in your garage. Our garage clearance service is available throughout the whole of Bedford and the Bedfordshire area.


    We can take the contents of entire garages including tools, garage furniture, cars, motorcycles, garden tools & equipment – in fact anything that you may have in your garage. Our experienced team and specialist vehicles allow us to take your garage contents and dispose of it no matter how much waste you have to remove.


    Clearing a garage is often put off for a long time until a lot of rubbish accumulates or builds up in there. Clearing excess items can make a huge difference to your entire home. It can make it feel larger and fresher, as well as create a lot more space for you to store existing household items that were previously in the house.


    Our service allows you to clear an entire garage, or even unwanted vehicles in one simple phone call. We will dispose of everything responsibly at a local Environment Agency, Waste Transfer Station meaning you will not be at risk of any fines due to fly tipping.

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    Garage Clearance In Bedford, Bedfordshire

    Our waste clearance vehicles mean can remove any number of unwanted items or large waste from your garage. Our experienced, professional staff are fully insured so are in safe hands with us.

    Garage Clearance

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    Garage Waste Clearance

    Our garage clearance service ensures that any waste or unwanted items can be removed safely from your garage. We are experienced at clearing garages, and will always dispose of any waste collected responsibly at an Environment Agency approved Waste Transfer Facility.


    No matter how cluttered the garage is, we will get to the bottom of it. Our team will not leave until everything is cleared. Our services includes all loading and clearance as well as disposal / recycling. We will clean the area when we have finished.


    Clearing a garage can be a stressful, complicated process to undertake on your own. Bedford House Clearance understands the headaches that can be caused. Our Garage Clearance service operates seven days a week across most of Bedfordshire.

    Clearing Full Or Partial Garages

    Full Or Partial Garage Clearance

    Whether you need all the waste cleared from your garage, or single items removing, we can do it for you. From tools & vehicles, to rubbish & waste, we have the manpower to remove unwanted items from your property.

    We can also clear loft spaces within garages. This can often be hard work due to the confined spaces. Our staff follow all health & safety regulations to remove items from these often hard to reach areas.

    Bedford Skip Hire

    Alternative To Local Skip Hire

    Skip hire can be difficult or even prohibited in certain areas. You need a permit from the council, and you have to wait for someone to pick it up from your property. They can also attract unwanted attention from fly tippers.

    With our garage clearance service, there is no need to hire a skip. In just one day we can clear your garage and dispose of the contents. We will take the items away immediately and recycle or dispose of them.

    Friendly Garage Clearance Service In Bedford

    Clearing Rubbish From Your Garage

    Need to remove large amounts of rubbish, unwanted waste, or unwanted tools and furniture? Our garage clearance service will be just what you need. We can remove and properly dispose of all waste from a garage.

    Bedford House Clearance have been clearing garages since 2010, and we will always dispose of your unwanted items, waste, and rubbish responsibly. Call us today to clear out your garage.

    Use the WhatsApp Button on the right to contact us today. Our friendly team are always on hand during business hours to take your message.

    Create Space In Your Garage

    We have been providing a garage clearance and vehicle removal service in the local Bedford and Bedfordshire area since 2010. Our garage clearance service is fully licensed by the Environment Agency and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. We undertake work from both the general public and the private sector. We will always dispose of unwanted waste responsibly and within the terms of our Upper Tier Waste Carrier License.



    For further information about clearing the waste and rubbish in your garage, call us on 01234 889024, Whatsapp us, or Email us with your enquiries.

    NEVER USE UNLICENSED TRADERS – Unlicensed traders often quote very low prices to dispose of your waste and rubbish. Be wary as they may well be fly-tipping your household items. It is illegal under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 to instruct an unlicensed trader. This can be punished with a fine of up to £50,000 or result in up to five years in prison. If any items can be traced back to you then you can be held equally liable alongside the rogue trader.

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