Garden Clearance In Bedford

BEDFORD HOUSE CLEARANCE offer a garden clearance service in Bedford, Bedfordshire to clear gardens, of any size. Whether it is a small or large amount of garden waste you want to be removed or trees, bushes, sheds, greenhouses and outbuildings cleared – we can help. Our garden clearance service can take care of any type of Waste such as old garden furniture, flower and plant pots, children’s play apparatus and much more.

Garden Waste Removal In Bedfordshire

If you’ve just redesigned the garden in a big way or cut down some overgrown trees; BEDFORD HOUSE CLEARANCE can clear all and any garden waste In Bedfordshire. All you will have to worry about is where to put the new garden furniture. We’ll even clear up after we’re done so there’s no mess and no fuss.

Garden Clearance

Garden Clearance Services

BEDFORD HOUSE CLEARANCE offer a comprehensive range of garden clearance services and can help you with all garden clearance requirements:

Tree Felling Garden Clearance

If you have trees that are getting in the way of the sunlight getting to your garden, we can assist. Whether you’re fed up of gigantic trees in your garden or you just want to remove a tree. Let us know and we can get rid of it for you, safely and efficiently. Because we’re professional clearance specialists, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll leave the garden clean and tidy after we’re done.

Shrub & Bush Removal

Bushes and shrubs anchor themselves in the ground with a network of powerful roots. Removing a bush or shrub can be very demanding physical work; something that most of us could do without! We enjoy the challenge of fully removing bushes and shrubs so you don’t have to.

Shed Demolition & Removal

BEDFORD HOUSE CLEARANCE staff are fully trained in all light demolition work. If you need your shed dismantled and removed we’re your guys. It could be that your current shed is dangerous or you could just want to upgrade the one you have. Either way, we’re here to help and can safely dismantle and remove all sheds. We will leave the garden nice and clear for you.

Greenhouse Removal

The same goes for greenhouses. Are you not much of a gardener? Perhaps you’ve moved into a new property and the previous owners had green thumbs? Maybe the greenhouse you have is out of date and you want to upgrade to a nice new one? Whatever the reason you want a greenhouse removed – our garden clearance service can help.

Hedge Trimming Garden Clearance

As strange as it may seem, trimming a hedge is actually quite a complex task. Not only do you need the right equipment and safety gear, but there’s also a certain technique. You don’t want to accidentally damage the hedge. By hiring BEDFORD HOUSE CLEARANCE to trim your hedge; you won’t have to worry about any of that. We’ll ensure that the garden is clean and tidy when we’re finished. Whether it be a regular job or just a one-off, Contact Us anytime for a Quotation.


You might have just moved into a property and discovered a jungle where your garden should be. If so, we can help by doing all the weeding for you. We are trained to know what’s a weed and what should stay. You can rest assured that we’ll only clear out the ‘bad stuff’. Maybe you’d like someone to regularly come and keep the garden under control? Hire BEDFORD HOUSE CLEARANCE to keep your garden in check.

Lawn Mowing & Strimming

Mowing a lawn is probably one of the most tedious jobs for the garden. And the worst thing is, it needs doing so regularly. Whether you want to hire us on a regular basis to keep the lawn spic and span or you just want us to come and tackle the long grass you’ve been trying to ignore, give us a call.

No Obligation Quote 

We offer a no-obligation Quotation for any Clearance job. Established in 2010, Our garden clearance team are your reliable local, clearance experts in the Bedfordshire area. Our years of experience will show in the professional manner our team will undertake your House Clearance, Waste ClearanceProbate ClearanceBereavement ClearanceOffice ClearanceGarage ClearanceHoarding Clearance or Commercial Clearance.

Simply send us pictures via Whatsapp or Email of what you require clearing. We can then give you a no-obligation Quotation for the removal and clearance of your waste and rubbish. We can clear all types of waste and rubbish from any location within our Areas Covered. For larger Clearances, we will most likely have to undertake an onsite visit to discuss your requirements and give you an accurate Quotation for a bespoke Clearance service.