If you are looking for house clearance services in Bedford then Bedford House Clearance can help. Have a look at our services below to find out how we can help.


We offer a professional local house clearance service in Bedford. Operating since 2010 we have over 10 years experience in the business. Our professional team can help you clear your property in no time! We are fully licensed and insured and recycle over 85% of the waste we collect. We do clearance work for property owners, renters, landlords, estate agents and solicitors. We clear all types of domestic properties including houses, flats, bungalows and apartments. We can remove washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, fridges, freezers and other white goods and appliances. We are better value than skip hire and our friendly team will do all of the hard work!

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Our rubbish removal and waste clearance service in Bedford can clear all types of waste as well as large and bulky items. We take all types of white goods and appliances as well as unwanted furniture and equipment. We recycle over 85% of the waste we collect and also donate items to support local charities.

If you are a tradesman then why not make use of our trade waste removal service. We can clear your trade waste in no time. We work with builders, plumbers, electricians, decorators, joiners and plasterers. We are quicker, cheaper and better value than skip hire. Our professional team will have your waste cleared in no time!

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We offer a professional office clearance service in Bedford. Our friendly team can clear any office space, no matter how large. We can even clear whole office buildings. We can remove all fixtures and fittings and can also perform a deep clean of the office space if desired. Any furniture or equipment that you wish to keep can be transported to storage or your new offices. We have many years experience and you can be sure our team will have your office cleared in no time!

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If you need a commercial property, business or other non-residential premises cleared, then our commercial clearance service in Bedford can help. We can clear restaurants, pubs, shops, warehouses, factories, garages and lockups. We also offer a deep clean service once the property has been cleared. Any furniture or equipment that you want to keep can also be moved to a new location. We may be able to offset the value of some equipment against the cost of the clearance.

If you are thinking about skip hire, then we are a much better option. Our experienced team will do all the hard work and your waste will be removed as soon as the property is cleared.

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We have a specialist bereavement clearance service in Bedford. We have many years experience helping people clear properties after a bereavement. Our sympathetic team will help with anything that needs to be done to get your property cleared. We provide training for our staff to ensure they handle these situations with compassion and courtesy. If you need a property cleared quickly, then we can provide an appropriately sized team to clear it in no time!

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Our professional probate clearance service in Bedford is for probate solicitors and executors who need a property cleared. We can provide documentation for the clearance and all items removed if required. We have over 10 years experience clearing properties in the probate process. Our friendly and professional team will have the property cleared with minimum of fuss.

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Our garage clearance service in Bedford can clear your whole garage or just help remove some large or bulky items. We are a much better alternative than skip hire. Our professional and friendly team will do all the hard work and tidy the garage space once it has been cleared. We will clear the space quickly and remove the waste immediately. We are also often cheaper than a hiring a skip.

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Our garden clearance service in Bedford can clear all types of garden waste and unwanted garden equipment and furniture. We can do tree felling, shrub and bush removal, shed demolition, greenhouse removal, hedge trimming, hedge trimming, weeding, lawn mowing and strimming. We can also remove any unwanted large and bulky items such as children’s play sets, garden furniture and gardening equipment.

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Our hoarding clearance service is intended for clearing properties where there has been an incidence of extreme hoarding. We can clear any size property, no matter how cluttered! Our experienced team will have the issue rectified in no time and can even clean the property afterwards if required. We can offset the value of some goods against the cost of the job if they have a significant resale value.

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Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire. It is situated between the M1 and the A1 on the River Great Ouse and can be accessed by the A6, A422 and A421. Bedford is adjoined to the town of Kempston and the villages of Clapham, Bromham, Biddenham, Elstow, Shortstown, Cardington and Renhold.