Bedford House Clearance offer a local house clearance service in Woburn Sands. We can clear all types of domestic property including houses, flats, apartments, bungalows and more. Whether you need a full property clearance or a partial clearance with some bulky items removed we can help. We provide clearance services for property owners and renters as well as landlords and solicitors. We aim to recycle or re-purpose over 85% of the items we collect and we work with local charities to ensure usable items go to a good home.

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We provide a waste clearance and rubbish removal service in Woburn Sands. We can take all kinds of waste including bulky items such as unwanted furniture, garden furniture, fridges and freezers, appliances and other white goods. We will tailor the size of the team to the job and will ensure your waste is cleared quickly and efficiently.

If you are a tradesman then why not use our trade waste removal service. We can save you time and money and are cheaper than skip hire! We work with all types of trades including Builders, Plumbers, Decorators, Electricians, Joiners and Plasterers.

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We provide a garden maintenance and garden clearance service in Woburn Sands. Our maintenance services include lawn mowing, strimming, weeding, tree felling, hedge trimming, shed demolition and green house removal.

We take all types of garden waste including green waste and bulkier items such as unwanted garden furniture. We are cheaper than skip hire and our experienced team will do all the work!

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If you need to clear your garage and were thinking of hiring a skip then why not try our garage clearance service in Woburn Sands. We can do a full garage clearance or just remove waste and unwanted bulky items. Our professional team will do all the heavy lifting and tidy the space after the items have been removed. We can save you hassle, time and money!

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Suffering a bereavement is difficult. If you are in this situation and have a property that you need to clear, our specialist bereavement clearance service in Woburn Sands can help. We have over 10 years experience clearing property as a result of bereavements and our sympathetic team will ensure your property is cleared at a time and in a manner that is convenient for you. We are usually cheaper than skip hire and will provide all the muscle needed to clear the property.

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If you are an executor or a probate solicitor than our probate clearance service in Woburn Sands can help. We have many years experience clearing properties during the probate process and can provide all the requisite documentation for items cleared. We can also clean the property after clearing all the items if rquired. We often buy or offset the value of valuable items against the cost of a clearance. Any items that are not being disposed of can be relocated as part of the job.

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Our hoarding clearance service in Woburn Sands is aimed at helping people solve extreme hoarding situations. With many years experience, we have seen it all! There is no job too big!

We can tailor the size of team to the job whether cost or time is your priority. We also offer a deep clean service to leave the property in a good condition and remove all dust and waste. We are much better value than skip hire and provide all the muscle!

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We offer a comprehensive office clearance service in Woburn Sands. Our office clearance team will have your office spaced cleared in no time. We can remove all fixtures and fittings as part of the job and clean the space as well. If you have items that need to go to storage or another premises then we can relocate them for you as well. We are fully licensed and insured and we take pride in our professionalism.

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Our commercial clearance service in Woburn Sands is for clearing schools, factories, wharehouses, garages, lockups, pubs, restaurants and bars. If your business or organisation needs a spaced cleared then we can help. We offer a relocation service for any items that you do not want disposed and can offset the value of any valuable items against the cost of the job. We recycle or reuse over 85% of the items we collect and often donate items to local charities.

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Woburn Sands

Woburn Sands is a small in the Borough of Milton Keynes and part of the Milton Keynes urban area. Woburn Sands is situated to the south east of Milton Keynes and the south west of the M1. Woburn Sands is surrounded by the villages of Salford, Brogborough, Husborne Crawley, Little Brickhill, Bow Brickhill, Great Brickhill, Woburn, Aspley Guise and Aspley Heath.