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We can clear all types of property following the granting of probate. Our staff can clear items from any house as soon as the instruction is given.

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Our probate clearance service is registered and fully licensed by the Environment Agency. We hold a current Upper Tier Waste Carriers License.


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    Probate Clearance Bedford

    Probate Clearance is usually carried out by an executor of an estate once probate has been granted by a solicitor. This can often be a time consuming process, and Bedford House Clearance’s experience in this field can make this often complicated process as easy as possible.


    Clearing a property, or making a previously inhabited property ready for sale is an important part of winding up a deceased’s estate. We can help & advise if you need to arrange a probate house clearance. As a specialist probate company we can arrange to visit the deceased`s property, itemise, evaluate, and sell or dispose of unwanted household items.


    This is the first part of a chain of events  in which a house must be cleaned or prepared,  in readiness to be put on the market for sale. For further details call us during office hours.


    We can carry out Probate Clearances either directly for the executor of the will, or on commission from solicitors. We are happy to help you clear a home of someone who has passed and help you move forward.

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    Probate Service

    Bedford House Clearance are happy to provide valuations for probate. We regularly work with local solicitors and estate agents and fully understand the sensitive nature of this work. Our friendly team of professionals can arrange a time to meet you at a property and can provide you with a written valuation for probate.


    Probate is a legal document. Receipt of probate is the first step in the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person, resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person’s property under a will. We can also help you clear the property and will undertake a thorough document search if you need us to. We can return any photos or other family items that we find.



    Bedford House Clearance work closely with our sister company Bedford Removals. They can deliver any belongings to anywhere in mainland UK. We also offer Storage should you wish to keep any items safe in the long or short term.


    The process of dealing with your assets after you have died is usually referred to as Probate or Administration. We are happy to act on behalf of an estate to deliver them to the beneficiaries in accordance with the Will. Very often you may be too distressed or upset to do this yourself. We think that our understanding, sympathetic and cost effective service should give you peace of mind that this type of matter will be dealt with properly if you do not want to do it yourself. Alternatively, we are happy to help you run through the procedures yourself and guide you whenever you need help.

    Probate Clearance For Solicitors

    We Work With Solicitors

    We work directly with solicitors who may instruct us to carry out a probate clearance service once probate has been granted. Contact us today to enquire about our service and how we can seamlessly fit into your day to day working processes.

    Our team will be happy to form a working relationship with solicitors, so we can carry out probate clearances on your instruction. Our professional service will ensure there will be no last minute hiccups.

    Probate Clearance For Estate Agents

    Experienced With Estate Agents

    We work with many Estate Agents when dealing with probate house clearances. We are experts at clearing homes ready for sale, and our service can help you bring a home to market quicker. We won’t leave you hanging on to sell a home.

    Probate clearances require knowledge with regards to organisation and paperwork. Let us take the reigns and be your probate clearance company of choice letting you both sell and rent homes quicker.

    Clearing Of Estate and Property

    Estate & Property Clearance

    We can clear all chattels & personal property from any estate. We will document, organize and resell, or dispose of any property that you need to be cleared. We have been providing this service in the local area since 2010.

    Bedford House Clearance are specialists in the probate house clearance field, and we know the process inside out. Call us today to discuss and organize your probate clearance requirements.

    Use the WhatsApp Button on the right to contact us today. Our friendly team are always on hand during business hours to take your message.

    Fully Licensed & Insured

    Bedford House Clearance have been performing house clearance duties throughout the Bedfordshire area since 2010. We are a trusted, local company with a proven track record in our field. We encourage local solicitors and estate agents to team up with us and provide a first class service in the local area.



    We have full public liability insurance. As a local company, we want to keep our local area clean and thus we dispose of any unwanted items responsibly and in accordance with our Environment Agency License. You can see our valid license details on this page.


    Reputable & Trusted Local Business

    NEVER USE UNLICENSED TRADERS – Unlicensed traders often quote very low prices to dispose of your waste and rubbish. Be wary as they may well be fly-tipping your household items. It is illegal under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 to instruct an unlicensed trader. This can be punished with a fine of up to £50,000 or result in up to five years in prison. If any items can be traced back to you then you can be held equally liable alongside the rogue trader.

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