Commercial Clearance in Bedford

Bedford House Clearance also offers a cost-effective and flexible commercial clearance service. An excellent alternative to skip hire, Bedford House Clearance provides commercial clearance and disposal services to customers in Bedfordshire. We will clear most types of commercial properties, knowing that different properties have different requirements for clearing.

Commercial Clearance Bedford

Retail Clearance

We offer commercial clearance to retail chains and local shops. This could be useful in the case of a refit or moving premises. You could also use us if your lease has ended and you need to give the property back to the owners. We will clear absolutely everything or just the things we’re directed to clear, leaving the property just how you need it.

Housing Association & Landlord Clearance

Whether you’ve renovated a property and need the debris clearing or your tenants have moved out and left a whole lot of mess, we can assist. From partial clearances to full clearances, Bedford House Clearance can work with you to get your property back to a high standard. This means you can quickly and efficiently get your property back on the market and start to once again make money from it.

Office Clearance

If you’re having an office reshuffle, relocating or even just modernising, we can clear your existing offices for you. We can take away and dispose of all office equipment such as:

  • Furniture and filing cabinets
  • Computers and associated appliances
  • Photocopiers and even paperwork.

We can also remove fixtures and fittings leaving your office completely empty for the next people to use it. Because of our flexible working hours, we can do this at a time convenient to you, with little or no disruption to your working day.

School Clearance

Similar to office clearances, we can take away as much or as little as you require. We can also clear out the white goods from your school kitchen, in addition to handling the classroom furniture that needs removing.

Industrial & Building Site Clearance

We have the ability to take away large machinery and the tools to dismantle them safely. Building waste may need to be disposed of in a particular manner. We are fully licensed to do this and will give you a copy of the waste transfer note on request.

Pub & Restaurant Clearance

Pubs and restaurants often have specialist commercial catering equipment and large white goods that can be difficult to dispose of safely. If you were to hire a skip for your pub or restaurant clearance, you’d soon find that there are certain items that cannot go in it. You would still have to arrange for items such as the white goods to be disposed of. We have the capability to do this for you and can work at a convenient time to suit you.

Warehouse Clearance

Whether you need old stock clearing away, out of date equipment or just the racking and fixtures taken out, we can help. We also ensure that we leave the warehouse clean and clear, and sweep before we leave.

Garages and Lockups Clearance

If your business has accumulated a load of junk in a garage or storage unit somewhere, you may decide that it’s time to clear it out. Perhaps you own a storage company and have abandoned units that need emptying. Contact Bedford House Clearance to get them cleared out as soon as possible.

Environment Agency Licenced

We are fully licenced with the Environment Agency as Licenced Upper Tier Waste Carriers. We will take all types of waste and will ensure that it is disposed of in the appropriate manner. Over 80% of the items we remove are re-used or recycled. We are committed to reducing the amount of waste that reaches the landfill. We will also supply you with the necessary paperwork to ensure you can meet your legal responsibilities under the EU Waste Framework Directive.

Hassle Free

When undertaking a commercial clearance we will deal with all issues on the spot. We consider every aspect of the clearance and you will not have to follow up on anything after completion. We always ensure that each clearance has sufficient manpower to be executed swiftly and efficiently. Commercial clearances can take anywhere between 1 and 7 days to complete depending on the amount to be cleared.

Fair Price

We will take into account the value of any assets when quoting a price. You can be sure that with us you will be getting the best possible price. We are happy to make offers to buy on certain types of assets (e.g. office furniture, IT equipment and plant machinery) – even if you do not wish to engage our full clearance service.

If you would like to discuss a commercial clearance or any other type of clearance then please Contact Us