House Clearance in Bedford

Bedford House Clearance service in Bedford, Bedfordshire offers a professional, reliable and friendly house clearance and waste removal service. With our house clearance service we can offset any items of value against the disposal costs to clear the property, on some occasions we will pay you for the contents of a property. All items can be considered and more often than not our house clearance service can get you a better return than selling items yourself or using an auction house/site.

Full House/Partial House Clearance

We perform full house clearances, removing everything requested such as carpets, cookers, washing machines, all clutter, and furniture. We also clear garages, lofts, office spaces, and commercial buildings. If you’re working to a tight budget you may just need the bulkier items removed. In which case, we can work with you to quote for a partial clearance.

House Clearance Bedfordshire

Bedford House Clearance is a fully licenced & insured House Clearance company in Bedford. Our organisation is an Environment Agency Licenced upper tier waste carrier. Please ensure whoever you use to undertake your job has this. If not you could be liable for a £5,000.00 fine. Often when comparing our prices to unlicensed organisations it will be cheaper, this is because they will be disposing of your waste illegally and probably fly-tipping it. The Licence will be in the form similar to a driving licence, not a piece of paper. Always check the details are correct. Any organisation with the licence will be proud and more than happy to show it on request.

If you were to undertake the house clearance yourself, chances are you’d have to take some time off work. This could even be unpaid time off work. Hiring Bedford House Clearance means that you don’t have to disrupt your life to clear the house yourself, and you don’t lose out on wages either.

Reliable Clearance Service

We are a reliable house clearance company in that we always turn up on the day and never let a customer down. Our fully trained staff have more than 12 years experience in the house clearance and waste removals sector and therefore you can count on us to be professional and efficient in undertaking your house clearance.

Skips can be unsightly, annoy neighbours and still involve you having to lug all the waste out to them. Not only are we cheaper than a skip, but we also take out the labour element of moving the household waste. There are also some items that you cannot dispose of using a skip, such as certain white goods or computer monitors. This means that not only will you have to hire a skip, you’ll also have to make trips to the local household recycling facility, taking up your valuable time.


We aim for 90% of all waste collected is recycled or reused. We also endeavour to help out local charities where possible by donating items to them for sale.

Large Vans

Because of the size of our vans, we can clear most properties in a single load. We run an entire fleet of vehicles to suit any clearance so you can be sure that we’ll match up the correct size vehicle to your house clearance needs. This means that it can limit the cost by using an appropriately sized vehicle.

Local House Clearance Service

Bedford House Clearance are a local family owned and operated business. We often work with various local organisations such as The Harpur Trust, Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association, Aragon Housing Association, The Guinness Trust, Jephson Homes Housing Association, Amicus Trust Ltd, Anchor Trust, Bedford Citizens Housing Association, Sir William Harpur House, Orbit Homes, The Lodge in addition to other local trusts and companies.

We work alongside a number of estate/letting agents and solicitors within the Bedfordshire area. This means that if you’ve let a property but your tenants have left items there, or if you’ve bought a property that is still full of junk, we can liaise with your estate agent or solicitors to clear it for you.

Please get in touch for a free no obligation quotation.

Rogue Traders

Rogue traders give the rest of us a bad name. They may be the cheapest companies out there but they don’t dispose of the waste in ways that adhere to the law and could get you in trouble. There is a £5,000 fine associated with illegally dumped waste, and this could fall on you. Rogue clearance companies can also make arrangements with you but then cancel at the last minute to take a better paying job, leaving you high and dry.

The UK House Clearance Association has the following tips for avoiding rogue house clearance companies:

Warning Signs to Watch Out For

  1. Does the person you are speaking to on the phone sound cagey, hesitant, or non confident?
  2. Are they promising the earth for very little money?
  3. Ask them if they will supply you with an invoice once the house clearance is completed? The invoice should contain all of their business details.
  4. Are they asking for cash in hand?
  5. Is their website transparent? Do they have a registered office address shown?
  6. Remember, anyone can put together a website in a few hours. Take your time to go over their website thoroughly. Does it feel right to you? Just because they have a website, do not think they are accountable. We’ve heard of many stories whereby people have been duped by professional looking websites that fail to live up to their promises. For legal reasons, we cannot name and shame them, but please be warned. Just because a site is listed on the Google search engine does not qualify it as being either ethical or professional.
  7. Remember anyone can write phoney testimonials. Go with your first instinct; if something doesn’t feel right to you; it probably isn’t.