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Bedford House Clearance,

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For more information about Bedford House Clearance and their services, call directly any time. If it is out of office hours just leave your name, number and a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. To give you the most accurate quotation possible we normally require a visit to the property you require clearing. This can be done by arranging a viewing. Viewings can be arranged to suit you, day time, evening, weekday and weekend appointments are available.

Factors that may affect the Quote

  • Amount of possessions you have to clear: more possessions = higher volume/more weight = larger or multiple vehicles.
  • More possessions also means larger clearance crews to get it all packed and loaded for recycling.
  • How far the van(s) have to travel: further = more fuel costs.
  • If you have heavy items e.g. pianos or lots of books that need extra care and special attention.
  • How fast you want the clearance to happen. If you want to be done and dusted inside a day, the only way to do it is to have more staff members to supply the labour.
  • If your clearance is during peak seasons (school holidays) or weekends at times of high demand.
  • Where we can park in relation to the property being cleared. If possible, it may save you money to arrange parking outside the property that needs clearing this will reduce the labour element.